Rites of Passage is a family run, tattoo-only shop. With 5 working artists. we have a minimum tattoo cost of $95  for anything under 1/2 an hour, and rates continue at a $120-$175 hourly rate, depending on the artist. We also can quote a flat rate for certain pieces. Walk ins are welcome, providing we have time, though appointments are preferred. We do have times set aside for walk-ins with our junior artist, Bryan on Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 3-9pm.  We are located at 634 10th Street, which is right next to Amigos Cantina off broadway.

We have a large selection of art to choose from, although we also encourage people to bring in their own tattoo designs. Google image search provides a ton of reference material if you want to have a custom design drawn up. We can design something for you, but it always is good to clearly explain what you would like, and providing adequate reference material helps a lot. There may be a small charge for custom drawn artwork, or re-draws, especially those requiring last minute re-booking of appointments. ( ex. If you expect us to do all the legwork for you, or if the design is particularily complex, requiring multiple re-draws, or you've changed your mind about the details of your design last minute.)

Rites of Passage is a professional health board approved tattoo studio. We Are involved in the Infection Control Quality Assurance Program, and have our autoclave spore tested monthly. We use new needles and ink for every client. We utilize bags and barriers on our tools to prevent cross contamination and use a spore tested Autoclave to sterilize all needles and tubes before use. We follow the Health Canada publication: "Infection Prevention and Control for Personal Services: Tattooing, Ear/Body Piercing, and Electrolysis" and encourage people to read it.

In the interest of safety please do not trust "scratchers" or basement tattooists. Even if they are "good enough" artists, or use professional equipment, it is doubtful that a basement tattoo artist is familiar with proper sterilization, or maintaining a clean work environment. Studios charge money to ensure your safety, and tattoo with the best equipment for the job. A basement tattooist may be re-using unsterile needles, cutting corners for area  decontamination which can transmit many health risks. Check portfolios for the quality of work, and don't hesitate to ask questions about sterilization.

  • Tattoos hurt.  It's true.  If you don't want to go through any pain, don't get tattooed. Some areas hurt more than others.  The outline usually stings more than shading or coloring. No colors "hurt more" than others.  We don't use freezing gel.  Tattooing is a process that has been around for 5000 years to separate the men from boys.  Be a trooper, suck it up.

  • Our artists reserve the right to refuse service to clients based on the use of topical numbing products (ointments, gels, snake oil, voodoo spells and/or curses).  Please talk to your artist if you have any intention of using any of the above products. 

  • At Rites of Passage touch ups, if needed, are free. We guarantee our work. However if the touch up is due to bad aftercare, or regretting your design choice, or just wanting color added, there will be a fee involved.

  • We do not tattoo children. Even with parental consent. 18 years old with ID is necessary to get tattooed here. Getting a tattoo can be a life changing decision, take some time and think about your design and placement before you decide on your tattoo. You may think your boyfriend or girlfriend will be yours forever, a tattoo definitely will be, regardless. Will your tattoo decision still be as cool in 10 years? Will you be turned down at a job interview for that "thug life" tattoo on the back of your hand? Kicked out of your country club? Will your baby-momma disown your bad self? Think before you ink!