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  • Rites of Passage was established in Saskatoon, 1999. As a tattoo-only shop, we have no piercing available. We have minimum tattoo cost of $95 for any tattoo under a half hour, and rates continue at  $120-$175 an hour depending on the artist, and we are *CASH ONLY*  so please keep that in mind!  We sometimes can quote a flat rate for certain tattoos. We have walk ins Wed/Fri/Sat, welcome otherwise  providing we have space open, but appointments are preferred.  We are located at 634 10th St E, which is one block east of Broadway Ave in Saskatoon. Open 7 days a week, Sun 12-6,  Mon 11-4, Tues/Thurs 10-4, Wed/Fri/Sat 10-9pm.  For further info, please take a look at our artist portfolios, or email one of us through the contact page. Our phone number is (306) 956-8282, don't hesitate to call!

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Television Lies!

We love the culture of tattooing at Rites Of Passage, and feel fortunate everyday that we are able to be involved in the trade. I personally have seen tattooing grow in leaps and bounds in the 20 years I have been involved in different aspects. It's sad though, that we cannot teach every talented artist we meet "how to tattoo". There are many new artists and studios popping up all across North America. So many in fact, that the ability for many established tattoo artists to make a living is growing more difficult. Unfortunately, the wave of tattoo reality TV shows has given people the impression that tattooing an easy way to make a quick buck.

"No bosses, obligations, or answering to the MAN."

Well around ROP Tattoo, I'm officially the "Man". If my workers fail to show up on time, show up hung over, make a client wait, etc... I don't hesitate to let them know what the job entails.

Tattoo schools, apprentices, shop managers, and super hip life stories seem to be the topics of conversation around the shop ever since these shows started airing.  The  actual commitment and dedication it takes to establish yourself in tattooing is often underestimated. It is not a short path. It is not easy.

What does it take? Aside from  being able to draw, you must be able to calmly hurt people while doing it. You must be an expert at pain management and bedside manner. You should be social and firm at the same time. You should be able to maintain basic machine mechanics, and problem solve on your feet. You should be able to calmly improvise in the face of potentially life-altering mistakes, without letting out any indication of stress. You should understand colour theory and design composition specifically geared towards tattooing. You should have a knowledge of the trade history. You should be prepared to work an unpaid job for at least a year while you try to grasp the bare BASICS of tattooing. Plus you will need a willing, patient, and compassionate mentor to hold your hand every step of the way.

We have people coming to visit us every week wanting to learn to tattoo. They flippantly ask about learning the trade as if it was as easy as being a fry cook. Some even act like we owe them a job, because they have a fine arts degree, or thier friends say they are a "great artist". It's painfully obvious how oblivious they are to the scope and range of what they are asking to do. 

Sorry people. I'd just like to save you the time and energy.

We do not accept apprentices. We will never hire a "tattoo-school" trained artist.

-Pat Burke -Grand Poobah of ROP Tattoo